Tamara Forge


Hello Roara

If you met a tyrannosaurus rex,

would you pat her on the head?


Would you pet her on the nose…

as long as she’d been fed?


If you met a tyrannosaurus rex,

what would her name be?


ROARA!” roars the tyrannosaurus rex.

ROARA Rex, that’s me!






This is Roara’s flaw you see,

she’s frightening, it’s true.


Especially to smaller friends,

especially to Shrew!


They try their best to hide it,

and not to show their fear.


But Roara always ruins it,

whenever they come near.


I’M ROARA!” she roars loudly,

grinning through her teeth.


Potential pals go running,

or find rocks to hide beneath.



she swishes her great tail.


Trees are crushed and boulders break,

in great big Roara’s trail.


One day Roara’s fast asleep,

and in her great big ear…


A teeny tiny whisper says,

“Roara, can you hear?”


Roara’s eyes spring open,

she goes to clear her throat…


“I will be your friend,” it says,

“you really have my vote!


Just please don’t greet me loudly,

Please don’t roar or bellow…


My ears are teeny tiny,

I’m a teeny tiny fellow.”


Roara glances sideways,

from the corner of her eye…


She sees our little Shrew,


…sorry I mean, hi.”


“That’s better thanks,” says Shrew.

“Much kinder on the ears.


I really think it’s just the ROAR,

that fuels the others fears!”



I mean, really?”

Roara softly asks the shrew.


“It isn’t me they’re scared of…

It’s my roar? I wish I knew!”


“Well now you know,” says Shrew,

scampering ahead.


“Come, let’s meet some friends,

don’t roar just nod your head…”


So, in a cozy clearing,

by a very lovely cave,


Shrew’s best friends are waiting;

he’s told them to be brave.


Terra the Pteranadon

prepares for Roara’s roar.


But Roara greets her softly,

quite unlike before.


Styracosaurus Skiff,

is mindful of her tail.


But Roara is quite careful

not to bound about or flail.


Now Skiff and Terra are at ease,

they’ve all been introduced.


And making some new friends

has given Roara such a boost.


Once they’re all great pals,

no one scares of Roara’s roar.


And she still bellows sometimes…